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Water/Wastewater Superintendent

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Location: Goodyear AZ

Company Name: City of Goodyear

Occupational Category: 11-9021.00,Construction Managers

Date Posted: 2020-02-12

Valid Through: 2020-03-13

Employment Type: FULL_TIME


This position plans, organizes, and directs the activities of the Water and Wastewater Divisions, which includes the functional areas of Production, Treatment, Distribution, Reclamation, Collections, and Environmental Quality. The Water and Wastewater Superintendent is responsible for the administration and supervision of operational programs, budget, capital programs, discipline, direction of staff, development of strategic objectives, activities and other functions relating to the safety job hazard, analyze, standard operation procedures, construction, operation, and maintenance of departmental processes and facilities. Supervises division staff, either directly or through subordinates.

The position requires knowledge in a specific vocational, which may be obtained with a two-year associates's degree, diploma or equivalent, 6 years of related experience, two ADEQ Grade IV certifications in Water or Wastewater, and a valid driver's license.

The ideal candidate for the Water and Wastewater Superintendent position would possess an ADEQ Grade-IV certificate in both Water and Wastewater disciplines. The candidate should possess a associate's degree and minimum of 6 years of supervisory experience in water treatment, ground water wells, and water reclamation facilities, as well as distribution and collections systems. The successful candidate will also have demonstrated administrative oversight of safety programs, division budgets, capital programs, and employee development in their prior roles and responsibilities.

At the city of Goodyear, you will be a part of an organization that values its employees as its greatest asset. You will become part of a dedicated team of professionals that are committed to build and maintain a highly engaged workforce. You will be challenged to learn and grow in an environment that values employee development and career-building. You will thrive in a culture of innovation.
Adaptability - Integrity - Initiative - Empathy - Optimism - Innovation

If these six values rank high on your list of personal attributes and you want to be a contributing member of the Goodyear Team, then don't wait -- APPLY

Only a limited number of the most highly qualified applicants meeting the city's requirements will be invited for an interview. Examination process for this position will include:

Panel Interview
• Formal Education/Knowledge: Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature which may be obtained with a two year associate's degree, diploma or equivalent from a college, technical, business, vocational, or correspondence school. Appropriate certification may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of advanced study or training.
• Experience: Minimum of six years experience in a related field.
• Certifications and Other Requirements: Valid Driver's License and two ADEQ Grade IV licenses in Water and Wastewater discipline
• Reading: Work requires the ability to read manuals, reports, graphical information, and engineering guidelines.
• Math: Work requires the ability to perform general math calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, formulas, factors, and decimals.
• Writing: Work requires the ability to write clear, organized, technical, and analytical memos, letters, reports, operating procedures, and other documents.
• Managerial: Semi-Complex - Work requires managing and monitoring work performance of a division including evaluating program/work objectives and effectiveness, establishing broad organizational goals and realigning work and staffing assignments for the department.
• Budget Responsibility: Substantial - Has responsibility for final approval of at least one division budget and presents the budget(s) to Senior Management. Is authorized to approve division budgeted expenditures for both staff and resources up to the amount that requires the approval of Senior Management.
• Policy/Decision Making: Significant - The employee normally performs the job by following established standard operating procedures and/or policies. There is a choice of the appropriate procedure or policy to apply to duties. More complex work as well as decisions with more significant impacts are typically reviewed prior to being finalized.
• Technical Skills: Broad Application - Work requires advanced skills and knowledge in approaches and systems, which affect the design and implementation of major programs, solutions for highly complex issues, and/or processes organization-wide. Independent judgment and decision-making abilities are necessary to apply technical skills effectively.
• Interpersonal/Human Relations Skills: High - Interactions at this level usually impact the implementation of policies. Contacts may involve interpretation of how policies are implemented and may require discussion and the support of controversial positions or the negotiation of sensitive issues or important presentations. During interactions on policy implementation, contacts may also involve stressful, negative interactions requiring high levels of tact and the ability to respond to aggressive interpersonal interactions.This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following functions do not identify all duties performed by the incumbent. Other duties and responsibilities will be performed as assigned.
• Directs the functions of the Water and Wastewater Divisions by reviewing process control, reporting data, and implementing programs to improve and maintain plant operations. Ensures safe, efficient operation and maintenance of processes and facilities, including compliance with all state and federal regulations. Advises on future system improvements deemed necessary and reviews design documents and specifications for facility expansions.
• Writes and reviews department comprehensive reports on plant operations, productivity improvements, and energy conservation program to provide information required to local, state, and federal agencies and management. Ensures EPA permit compliance and coordinates legal response to enforcement actions. Responsible for developing and implementing community awareness program with reference to utility services.
• Manages employees by writing and reviewing performance appraisals, preparing work schedules, providing training and leadership, conducting meetings, and participating in the employee hiring process.
• Administers division budget by projecting annual operating costs, preparing budget requests, reviewing and approving purchases, overseeing major equipment purchases, and monitoring division expenditures.
• Assigns and reviews the investigation and reporting of industrial and equipment accidents; works with the Equipment Management Division to ensure the repair, maintenance, and procurement of equipment; obtains facts, analyzes evidence, and makes decisions or takes actions to correct problems; integrates new programs into existing operations.
• Supervises the ordering of materials and services needed to properly carry on the functions of the division; prioritizes workload for prompt completion of emergency and unscheduled work requests. Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service. Responds to customer complaints and requests for service. Provides coordination and communication on a daily basis with Finance, Customer Service Division for providing customer service deliveries in the field and working with Customer Service in developing SOPs, internal and external communication, and providing input on processes for City accounts and collections.
• Develops, implements, and administers policies and procedures, strategic plans, emergency operating procedures, and specifications for various types of equipment. Generates reports, negotiates contract terms and monitors contract performance. Represents the City and/or division at meetings of committees, advisory groups, agencies and Councils.
• Work with the Safety Coordinator assigned to the Risk Manager office in creating the Job Inventory Analysis, Job Hazard analysis, Hazard Engineered Evaluation and Safety Standard Operation Procedures related to the Utiliites Division.Within 3 months
• Become familiar with City, Department and Division Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Site Locations, Plant capacities, Types of Treatment, and the City of Goodyear Engineering Standards as well as the approved equipment and materials for the construction and repairs of the Divisions facilities and systems.
• Conduct weekly meetings with Divisions staff to communicate expectations, reinforce core values, coordinate work, process activities, and to get updates from staff on current or planned site and treatment operational or maintenance conditions.
• Plan workloads, prioritize, and delegate assignments to Divisions staff to provide timely and excellent customer service as well as to meet or exceed permit limits and water quality standards. Get up to date using Lucity asset management as part of this objective.
• Meet weekly with Process Operations Manager, and submit a monthly report of the Divisions accomplishments and upcoming activities to the manager by the 10th of the following month.Within 6 months